Drop-Off Catering

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Call or Text us today. We can schedule a quick call to learn more about your event. Then, we will develop a plan to help you accomplish your goal of creating a tremendously successful occasion.

Plus, Classy Caterer utilizes disposable containers, making clean-up a breeze. We can even set up or just drop off—whatever works best for you.

Every event is different. Every event has its own goals and agenda…its own ‘feel’. Yes, at Classy Caterer, we are very much accustomed to setting up…serving and even cleaning up afterwards to make the food component of your event very much turnkey.

We also understand that each planned event is unique. You may not require the presence of our staff to serve, or even clean up.

Perhaps you simply need 20…50 or 100 boxed lunches dropped off for a lunch-n-learn. Maybe a quick set up for a hot bar or even a cold bar would be more suitable. Regardless, Classy Caterer is here to help.

Drop Off Catering Service

Call Trisha Kelly at
865-406-5477 today to discuss your event or email Trisha at: trisha@classycaterer.com